What to Know When Transferring Colleges


There might come a day when you wake up one day and think to yourself that want to go to a different college. For some who are really dissatisfied with their current college life, this may seem really plausible and would want to actually try it. While for those who think it is something that is difficult or not good on their resume, it is not. #1 Which program and why When you are picking the university, take extreme care to make sure you have one where the program you want to get into and a graduate program of the same scheme is available if you are thinking far. Picking a program can be difficult, but if you can imagine what you want to think of yourself doing in ten years or imagine something you are really good at, then your dream program will come to you. #2 Map your outcome This also connects to the school as the program will end up becoming your outcome. But when picking a university, make sure to pick one where the program you want to do for master’s is also there as it will be easier for you to find an assistantship and a job to fund your school fees for graduate studies if you have studied in that same university during undergraduate years. #3 Make time to visit the new university If you are living in the same country, then take a weekend off or sometime during vacation to go visit the university you want to transfer to. This will give you a good chance to talk to the professors who might end up teaching you to becoming your advisor and you can take a look at their facilities, dorms and classrooms. #4 Packing and box and storage If you planning on living in the dorms then you probably would not have to wonder about the services as you can see from their websites or talk to a student from that university. Take care when packing and make sure to check if there are available phone systems or Wi-fi given free at the dorm. If you are staying at an apartment then you will need to go hunting early on to make sure you have a place to stay at. You will most likely end up having to buy your own Wi-fi or SHDSL broadband plans. You will need to take out savings to afford the new place as well as the move itself. When you are picking a new place to go to, make sure to understand what is wrong with your current situation and take care to identify whether the same issues are repeated in the new place. Plan ahead and apply for scholarships at the new university as it will help out with the financials and make sure to get your check list made months prior.

December 16, 2015