5 Tips For First-Time Overseas Travelers

Are you travelling overseas on a vacation for the first time? Congratulations, many dream of touring the globe. As exciting as first time vacations at a far away exotic destination may be, they can also cause a certain amount of dread. After all, you are going to a country you know little to nothing about. You might not even speak the same language. Don’t worry; such concerns are common for first time travelers. In any case, you should do your research and be prepared in advance to ease your worries. So, here are several tips to make sure that your first overseas vacation goes smoothly:

1. Get Insurance
First of all, you should have adequate travel insurance before you get on a plane. Travel insurance ensures that you will be compensated for any mishaps en route and lost items. You should buy a good travel insurance plan from a premium company. Make sure it includes health coverage and emergency medical evacuations.

2. Read Travel Advisories
Before you travel to the country you have chosen, you must read travel advisories regarding that location. Travel advisories are usually issued by embassies located in foreign countries. For example, if you an American tourist planning to visit Nepal, you should read the latest travel advisories issued for Nepal by the U.S. embassy in Nepal. These advisories contain vital information regarding security, safety, weather and other issues. It’s also best if you can read travel advisories issued by other embassies for your vacation destination.

3. Pick a Travel Agency
If you are a first time traveler, the smart choice is to travel with an agency. You can have your tour arranged from scratch with accommodation, transportation and site visits included. If you are a first timer, it’s best to let the experts of a premium company handle your itinerary.

4. Get Vaccinated
Before travelling, make sure you have gotten all the shots you need. Some countries even require travelers to show proof for certain vaccinations. Google the country you are visiting, and see if the country requires certain vaccinations, and also check which vaccinations are recommended before visiting that country. Ask your physician for detailed advice.
5. Pack Appropriate Clothes for the Weather

You will need clothes appropriate for the weather at the destination you are visiting. For example, if you are going to holiday in India, you will need warm clothes, and for Aspen in the winter, cold weather clothes. Check the weather before you visit.

Keep all above tips in mind before you start packing for your very first overseas vacation.

April 25, 2016