Defining Substance Abuse

The use of illegal or illegal drugs in a way that it affects an individual’s health is known as substance abuse. This term can apply to criminal activities as well where it refers to over use of legal drugs, more than what it should be. In certain cases, alcohol is abused as well, though there might not be any legal conflicts in this regard. However, the abuse is mainly for the physical and mental health of an individual and for the others who surround him or her without any alcohol licence advice Victoria. It also involves illegal drug usage where there can be repercussions like incarceration or arrest by the authorities.

Different substances for abuse

There can be different substances used for abuse by a person. It usually depends on the kinds of substances that are available to a person. The acts of smoking or drinking are usually socially acceptable to a certain extent, though going beyond a certain measure leads to more of physical harm than otherwise. The drug rehabilitation comes in case of use of drugs that can have more harmful consequences of the system, especially leading to dependence and addiction that can have long term effects on the physical and mental health of individuals. 

Accidental abuse

In certain cases a person might become dependent on a chemical substance which is prescribed to him or her originally as medication. As they realize certain good effects on their system, many are prone to become dependent on these medications which can lead to the need for drug rehabilitation. 

Features of abuse

There are several features that define substance abuse. Usually a person becomes addicted to a substance, even if it has a negative impact on their lives. There might arise health or mental problems due to continued usage of a substance, but the person might be unable to withdraw from the usage. These are symptoms to be noted and intervention therapies need to be sought at these stages. Often many continue in this pattern for a long time and are able to lead normal lives in spite of a growing dependence on a certain substance.

How intervention can be sought

In most situations of substance abuse, it is considered that, the longer the dependence on a

substance, the harder it is to remove the same from an individual’s system and life. Hence, it is imperative that signs of dependence be checked out at an early stage and intervention be sought by the others who see a person becoming a victim of substance abuse. Nowadays there are different kinds of therapies and sessions that are conducted to help deal with different kinds of addiction. As dependence on substance leads to certain common behavioral and health problems, these need to be addressed through therapy at the earliest stage possible.

November 29, 2016