Have A Safe Journey – Simple Rules To Follow When Travelling With A Crowd

Travelling with a group of your friends is always fun, even if it is over a short distance. Nevertheless, if you are also travelling with other groups of people in the same transport, you have to be extra courteous and accommodating. This will help make the journey a peaceful and enjoyable one for all the people in the bus or train. Here are a few rules to keep in mind and follow in order to make the journey pleasant for everyone;

Smoking is Not Just Rude, it is Also Illegal

Using alcohol, drugs and smoking is not allowed on most public transportation vehicles. Smoking is strictly prohibited on exclusive modes of transportation such as airport shuttles. So be careful and think twice before you pull out a pack of cigarettes in a crowded bus or train. Some trains have coaches assigned for smoking. If you are on such a train, then you can move to the specified coach if you need to smoke.

Check Your Luggage

Before you get off, make sure to collect all the items of luggage that you brought with you. It is a good idea to tag your bags with your name, address and contact details so that they may be returned to you in case you misplace one or more of your bags. If you are using an airport shuttle to get to the airport, you probably already have your bags tagged. Even so, make sure that you are not getting off with someone else’s bags because if other people are travelling through the same airline they can have tags that are similar to yours.

Safety First, Fun Second

It is very important that you pay attention to your safety while you are on board a vehicle that a large number of people are travelling on. Do not be reckless – avoid boisterous behaviour so that other people may not become disturbed by your words and actions. Avoid making unnecessary noise, especially if there are infants and elderly people on board. No one is going to stop you from having a bit of decent fun, but if you become too much of a nuisance in the process, you might even be at the risk of losing your ride.

The Seats are to Sit On

Avoid standing if there is ample seating space available. You will be much more comfortable if you are seated and you will not be in the way of other people who may be trying to get on or off the vehicle. That being said, the seats are for sitting only, so do not try standing on them! Also, try to stow your bags under your seat without keeping them on the seat next to you so that you can allow another passenger to sit down.

February 2, 2016