How Not To Be Ripped Off By Your Contractor: Things To Watch Out?

You have finally saved up enough to get started on your dream house. A contractor would be the best way to get about in getting started. But you are afraid to take that next step in contracting out because you have heard far too many stories about how others have been ripped off by their contractors and have had to face very displeasing and miserable situations. Here are a few points you could keep check on while you hire and work with a building contractor for your home.

Having a contract
Yes. Have that contract put in place. Once you choose your contractor, you need to put down everything in writing. This could include basics like, start and end date, discounting if they are unable to complete work. Workers work ethics (making sure they don’t smoke in your room!), how are additional charges would work out 9only with your consent!), if the company is insured and how that will help you when they are contracted, on material purchase and quality, who is to get the necessary permits (best to have the contractor attend to it) and even the garbage disposal and cleaning up after themselves. You could easily access examples of such contracts on the web.

Not settling for a general contractor
You might feel it is easier to let one person handle all your construction work but this would mean you will have to pay a mark-up for it and also the general constructor might not have the expertise to handle that part of your project properly (example plumbing or electrical work). This would only mean, low quality workmanship or repetitive work for which you will need to spend more money. There could be individuals who have had years of experience, who does not carry a large name, but gets the work done. Remember, here you will not be paying for a trade name you will actually be paying for the work. Ask around from friends and neighbors and people for recommendations. Accept it will be a little tedious to find the suitable people, but the benefits are great, especially monetary wise.

Sit through quotes together
Ignorance is not bliss when you have all your hard earned money being thrown about on unnecessary expenses. Request from your contractor if you could sit with him and go through the estimates. Ask questions and options of doing things differently. This does not mean you try to be the expert but there are certain things you could always cut down on. Decisions on purchasing certain equipment and from where could be helpful things to get directions from. Your constructor could direct you to the best purchases; grout pumps for sale or a rental place, which could help save some money.

Be involved
Do not hand over the building of the house to the construction company and walk away. Instead be involved. To be involved does not mean changing your mind too often or nagging them to cut corners at every corner. Be involved by visiting the site throughout the building cycle. Check on the work completed by screed mixer for sale. Look at the material they use. Are they of industry standards as agreed in your contract? Randomly visiting the site would mean the contractors would need to be on their toes. Also, it means you will be able to detect early if they are ripping you off.

May 30, 2016