Uses Of Water Travel, From Then To Now

Early humans used to take maximum use out of every resource that was around them. The ones who lived near the water used things that would float, like logs, to create water transport. With time, these ideas of the early humans became more innovative and creative. Our ancestors who lived in Egypt and in the Mesopotamian civilization, came up with the idea of a boat to travel the Nile river, Euphrates and Tigris. With time, the Egyptians built boats and ships and entered the Mediterranean to start trading.The oldest boat in the world, was found buried in Giza and it is said that it dates back to the 2500 BC . These boats were used to transport goods and passengers.

It didn’t take long for Egyptians to build warships to fight the Roman warships. The first navy of the world dates back into the 250 BC and it helped the Romans in war. Between the 7th and 17th centuries, ships which were powered by oars were created and then came the Vikings. As time passed by, when humans reached the industrial age, many things changed. Boats and ships of larger sizes were invented, to travel the world with passengers and loads of goods and these ships and boats were powered by engines.

Small boats

We have all seen small boats being used in the fishing industry and it can be used to make a fair income but they can be extremely dangerous in extreme weather conditions. yachts when rented, can bring a good income, depending on the level of luxury.

Transportation of goods

Container ships can be used for the transportation of manufactured goods and products around the world and they are very useful. These ships can be filled with cargo and the manufacturers can buy containers or rent them, if only to pay the container rental on time, if you have a need of transporting your goods to another location in the world. Bulk ships are used for the transportation of raw materials around the world.

Oil transport

Tanker ships are used in the transportation of oils and chemicals. These ships are designed with pipelines and vents used in the transportation of oils and chemicals. If any sort of damage is caused to these tankers, massive environmental pollution will take place, killing hundreds or thousands of aquatic animals and these harmful toxins will enter into the sea and also into the human bloodstream, when humans consume sea food.

Cruise ships

Cruise ships are mostly luxurious and it can get you a good income, if you engage in tourism. A cruise ship can be known as a ‘ floating hotel’, with all the similarities of a luxurious hotel but with one more plus point: to enjoy the view and the beauty of the sea and to look at the world in different point of view. A cruise ship travel would be a perfect honey moon idea. Cruise ships are often used for short and speedy travels.

May 4, 2016